What’s your book about, in a word?

In a word? Love. It’s about love.

Ooooh, a romance.

Not really, no.

Well, with warriors in the title, there must be fighting in it.

Yes, there is, a little. But mostly it’s about not fighting.

Oh. Er...cough... Is there sex in it?


And with women in the title, it must be all about women.

Not all.

There are men in it?

Uh huh.

Are they dreadful, sexist, chauvinistic brutes?

Not at all. Most of them are lovely.

So it’s Sword & Sorcery, then.

No. Sword, maybe, but no sorcery.

Epic fantasy?

Epic. No fantasy.

Well, um, what genre would you say it is?


I see. ... Er, I can’t seem to find quite the right slot to fit this one into.

...smile... Good.

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